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List set-up:

Below is a standard layout, for use as a guide. Mandatory fields are in bold; the others are "if applicable."  Numbers next to certain fields correspond to the notes below the list.


Client ID

Prefix 1, 
First 1, Middle 1, Last 1, Suffix 1  [1]

Prefix 2, First 2, Middle 2, Last 2, Suffix 2
Addressee  [1]
Company  [2]

Address 1  [3]
Address 2  [3]

City, ST  ZIP


Please submit lists in XLS, XLSX, CSV or TAB format.


Following the steps below will ensure the maximum level of address quality. It is vital to follow these guidelines. They will allow us to locate the maximum number of dupes, and obtain the most accurate NCOA (National Change of Address) updates from the Post Office.


[1] The recipient's name should be have as many unique fields as possible {First and Last being mandatory). This is necessary for deduping, and NCOA. If you'd like, you can provide a parsed name, and an Addressee field. We'll use the parsed name for deduping and NCOA, and use the Addressee field on the mail piece. This is useful if you are mailing to a couple, and would like both names on one line.


[2] All data should be in a unique field. For example: you have a list with 2000 names, and none of them are a business address. You have a new addition to the list, and this one is a business address. In this case, you wouldn't place the company name in the Address 1 field, and move the address to Address 2. You would create a Company field, and add the business name there.


[3} Lists should have two address lines only. The address lines should contain only valid street address data, such as 123 Main St, Apt 3.